Mayank Aggarwal

About Me

I’m currently a Software Development Engineer 2 at Zomato in the Ads Team. I own the Ads Serving Service, adept at managing peak loads of up to 350k RPM and successfully conducting load tests at 1.5M RPM. My role involves driving technical innovations that directly contribute to substantial revenue growth and platform relevance for our Ads business.

At Zomato, I’ve led major initiatives to reduce gRPC latency and strengthen system resilience, utilizing cutting-edge technologies like Apache Flink. My technical skills are diverse, ranging across Golang, JavaScript, PHP, and Python. Prior to my current role, I was integral in migrating the Ads Creation System from a PHP-based monolith to a robust Golang Microservices architecture, while also developing the Ads platform using React.js. This showcases my versatility in handling both frontend and backend development.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am passionate about open-source projects and have led projects like a StackOverflow Clone and 👾 Amegma Galaxy Attack, both of which have garnered significant attention and community engagement on GitHub.

I am keen to connect with fellow technology enthusiasts and explore potential collaborations or opportunities. Feel free to reach out through my LinkedIn or check out my GitHub to learn more about my projects and professional journey.

Latest Activity

Open Source Contributor at GSSOC

GirlScript Summer of Code is the 3 month-long Open Source program during summers conducted by GirlScript Foundation, started in 2018, with an aim to help beginners get started with Open Source Development while encouraging diversity. Contributed to two Open Source projects and mostly in the back-end code base. The technologies to which I c...

Junior Developer Techpot

Worked with the creator of Techpot (https://techpot.io), a curated platform for developer resources for various programming languages. I worked on some intermediate tasks and as a data maintainer. Technologies used in the work are Node.js, Next.js, and PostgreSQL

SD Times Flutter App

GitHub Repo Technologies Used Programming Language: Dart with flutter as the framework API used: Hacker News API As Database: Sqlite App Installation - Get APK Guidelines to setup Clone the repository git clone https://github.com/Mayank0255/SD-Times.git gh repo clone Mayank0255/SD-Times (for GitHub CLI) cd SD-Ti...

Subject Matter Expert at Chegg

Worked as a Subject Matter Expert and my job is to answer Computer Science related questions asked by other students. It also helps in revision of my own Computer Science topics and concepts.

AlgoExpert in Python

The AlgoExpert Python course is designed for coding interview preparation, offering comprehensive training in algorithms and data structures. It includes over 100 coding problems, detailed video explanations, and a hands-on coding environment. This course aims to improve problem-solving skills and prepare learners for technical interviews in sof...

Resume Chat-Bot

GitHub Repo Technologies Used Back-end For handling server requests: Node.js with Express.js Framework WebHook: Setuped with Facebook Messenger Front-end Resume File Type: LaTeX Styling: CSS and BOOTSTRAP Others Url: Resume Builder Site Facebook Page: Resume Builder Bot Scope Implement Redis & remove static var...

AWS Concepts

The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp

Back-end Developer Intern at Stack Finance

Worked on building a Package for a specific feature in which other third-party APIs would be integrated. Worked on building/analyzing schemas and worked on web sockets. Built API Docs for the Back-end API. Built some user flows for some research tasks like UPI and KYC.

Complete React Developer