Mayank Aggarwal

About Me

I’m currently a Software Development Engineer 2 at Zomato in the Ads Team. I own the Ads Serving Service, adept at managing peak loads of up to 350k RPM and successfully conducting load tests at 1.5M RPM. My role involves driving technical innovations that directly contribute to substantial revenue growth and platform relevance for our Ads business.

At Zomato, I’ve led major initiatives to reduce gRPC latency and strengthen system resilience, utilizing cutting-edge technologies like Apache Flink. My technical skills are diverse, ranging across Golang, JavaScript, PHP, and Python. Prior to my current role, I was integral in migrating the Ads Creation System from a PHP-based monolith to a robust Golang Microservices architecture, while also developing the Ads platform using React.js. This showcases my versatility in handling both frontend and backend development.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am passionate about open-source projects and have led projects like a StackOverflow Clone and 👾 Amegma Galaxy Attack, both of which have garnered significant attention and community engagement on GitHub.

I am keen to connect with fellow technology enthusiasts and explore potential collaborations or opportunities. Feel free to reach out through my LinkedIn or check out my GitHub to learn more about my projects and professional journey.

Latest Activity

Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML and CSS

Sponsorship Member of TEDxManipalUniversityJaipur

Worked with the Sponsorship Team of TEDxManipalUniversityJaipur in getting the sponsors for the re-owned event of the university including the title sponsor.

Member of MUJ ACM Student Chapter

I was in the Python batch in which our fellow seniors taught us to code and, we even participated in various coding competitions.

Higher Secondary from Delhi Public School, Sushant Lok

School: Delhi Public School, Sushant Lok Stream: Science (Non-Medical) Graduation Period: 2018 Percentile: 85.2% I completed my secondary education with a strong foundation in science, focusing on mathematics and physical sciences, which laid the groundwork for my subsequent studies in Information Technology at the university level.